How I’m Keeping Positive in Lockdown

Keeping positive in lockdown is important for all of us, but it’s hard. I am very lucky that I have found something and some people who are there to help me. This post is dedicated to them.

**This post sounds like an advert, it’s more of a dedication, and I’m not being paid for it.**

Kickboxing changed my life. It has had such a profound effect on my mental health that stopping because we are unable to attend a gym was simply not an option when the lockdown hit.

So every week my class join a zoom meeting so we can all work out together. We are a team. We support each other, show up for each other and because we need each other.

Depression and anxiety have been a part of me since I was around 11. For a long time, I couldn’t imagine what my thought process would be like without being ruled by them. Throw in a terrible relationship with food and my body and there you have a recipe for disaster. Needless to say, I’d certainly forgotten what headspace felt like.

When I’m down I fall into a pattern of overthinking and the chain reaction means I isolate myself inside with my thoughts taunting me. Pretty ironic now that everyone is locked inside. So, when I discovered something that gave my brain a break for just an hour it changed everything!

Fully Loaded Sweat-fests!

Our class is fully loaded, we are moving from the time we get in till the time we leave, it’s a fast-paced, sweat fest. When we zoom chat it’s no different, less hitting things but no less sweat. But for me, it’s more than that. For me, it’s a whole hour when all I have to think about is hitting that bag, or landing a kick. For me, it’s about space. Making sure I keep getting that space is how I’m keeping positive in lockdown and in life.

It’s a commitment to myself and to Caroline (our instructor) to leave the house for that hour. There have been weeks when it’s been the only hour that I have left the house. I go knowing I don’t have to talk about how I feel. Knowing that there is a group of ladies in that gym (or on that call) who are there with me.

Phoenix Family

When you walk into that gym your problems are left at the door. You have your kickboxing family waiting for you to be a part of the team. Caroline is with us every step of the way, building us week by week to believe we can be better than we think we are. When I leave, aside from the muscle soreness, those feelings stay with me. After a few weeks, I started to carry the “better than you were” feeling around outside of class. There is a power in feeing stronger, empowerment in having the time and calmness in hitting things.

Caroline gives us the energy to push ourselves and the encouragement to try, and fail, and try some more. She is knowledgeable and caring. She treats everyone as an individual and diversifies her lessons for every individual. There have been times, I’m sure, that she has seen in my eyes that a dark cloud is in my mind. Those are the days she pushes me harder. I need that.

I’m no longer scared of my dark clouds because I know there is a way to get space and space leads to clarity.

When you walk into a Phoenix Gym, or join in a zoom you are doing it with a family. And this family is doing our best to keep positive in lockdown. I hope you are too.  

To find out more and to join the Phoenix Family check out their website here:

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How I'm Keeping Positive in Lockdown-with Phoenix Martial Arts
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