How Lockdown Made Me Love Myself

Lockdown made me love myself. It’s a weird thing to say and a weird thing to feel, but it’s true. I’ve stayed away from blogging for a while, with the pandemic news flooding the waves and the Black Lives Matter movement growing in intensity, it seemed only fair to put my cake recipies on the back burner for a little while to give those things the space they need.

I’ve been using that time to do a lot of reflecting on myself, who I am and what I want and I’ve made changes.

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I’ve always been someone who wants to read. But for some reason, I found it hard, I guess I put it down to not having time. So lockdown was the perfect excuse to change that. So I’ve started to read much more. I’ve been desperate to change things in my life for a while and while things have helped like the vocal dialogue therapy I had I’ve been needing something more. So it only seemed right to work on calming those voices. So I started with Ferne Cotton’s three books “Happy”, “Quiet” and “Calm”. Each one I read felt like she was looking into my mind! I highly recommend giving them a go, especially if you need to find your inner peace!


Before the lockdown, I was getting into a good routine of exercise at least 3 times a week. But I’ve always liked the idea of running and never got a chance to do it. Well, now that I cant go to pilates any more and kickboxing has moved to zoom, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to get back out there. So three times a week I get up early and go for a run using a couch to 5k app. I hope it’s something I can keep up when lockdown is over.

SkinCare and Nails

Lockdown has made me love myself. It’s given me time and space to be who I need to be so that I’m a better mum for my kids. It’s also given me time and space to think about what I want to do when it’s over and when the kids go back to school. Then I found Tropic!

I’ve mentioned Tropic before in other posts but I’ve now gone from being a customer to an ambassador! It means I have my own business, it means I have a purpose outside of mum. It means I’ll finally be earning my own money and contributing financially to my family. I’ll be able to do that by doing something that I care about and am passionate about. There isn’t a greater feeling than that.

You can check out my ambassador shop here:

I’ve also always been a nail biter! It goes up and down in times of stress but I do notice that I bite them less if they’re painted. So this lockdown I’ve made it a priority to make sure that they have colour on time to keep them out of my mouth and to have healthy happy hands.

The Takeaway

I guess what I’m rambling on about it is that lockdown doesn’t have to be negative. Yes, there are negative moments, that sometimes span for weeks. I’m actually finding the easing of our lockdown difficult and complicated to navigate, but I’m trying. This time the trying starts with putting myself first.

Lockdown hasn’t been easy, I’m still getting up and being a teacher for half of my days. (Something I never wanted) But it’s also made me think about me. Lockdown has made me love myself. I’m not sure that would have had time to happen without it.